Cullens Pool
Named after our late president, this pool is a comparatively new fishery created from former gravel workings that were completed three years ago. The pool is approximately three acres, has shallow margins, which slope gradually to 6ft deep at 2-3 rod lengths the deepest area being 15-18ft. Since completion of the gravel extraction the banks have been landscaped and several hundred trees planted, the margins now have well established read beds and timber fishing platforms have been constructed.
The pool holds a very good head of perch, roach, rudd and some bream. We have also stocked 100 mirror and common carp at 4-5lbs. The first of which were introduced March 2001 and are now making double figures. Cullens Pool has proved to be a popular and productive fishery and is a good match for any commercial fishery in the area. Access is by a stoned roadway through locked gateway, parking is available behind some pegs. The fishery is particularly suited to the disabled angler.