Derby Railway Angling Club
Summary of fishing rules

1.    All angling must be in accordance with Environment Agency by laws
2.    All members when fishing must have in their  possession a valid EA rod licence, current membership card and club ID card*.
(*Except at renewal times) Members fishing without them will be asked to leave the water.
3.    All fishing shall take place within the following times
January              07.30-17.00                 July                04.30-22.30
February             07.00-18.00                 August           05.00-21.30
March                 06.00-19.00                 September     06.00-20.30
April                    05.30-21.00                 October          07.00-19.00
May                    04.30-22.00                 November       07.00-16.30
June                   04.00-22.30                 December       07.30-16.30
4.    Night Fishing All members may night fish Red House lake and the Silt Pool Only.
To Night fish the Trent or Barton and Walton Pool an additional permit is required.
5.    Number of rods as follows:
One rod only River Derwent, Sutton Brook, Markeaton Brook and all Trout Fisheries.
Two rods  River Trent, River Dove, Trent & Mersey Canal and all Pools and lakes except Red House
Four rods Red House Lake only
6.    Members first in possession of a peg may request others keep a distance of 15 yards
7.    No live baits may be used
8.    The angling year shall be;
Coarse fishing on rivers allowed from 16th June to 14th March inclusive
No closed season on Canal or stillwaters
Trout  brown and rainbow from 18th March to 7th October inclusive
9.    Trout and Grayling size limits 30cm / 12in Trout ticket holders only may take;
     One brace per day may be taken at Darley Dale, Tutbury, Scropton, Eaton Dovedale.
     One fish per day Sutton Brook.
River Ecclesbourne catch and release only.
10. No keepnets at Darley Dale, Ellastone, Sutton Brook
11. No carp, barbel, or specimen size fish may be retained in any keepnet or sack.
12. On the canal children under 10 may fish free when accompanied by an adult ticket holder.
13. Members must not obstruct the canal towpath
14. Members may not take any fish dead or alive other than as stated in rule 8.
15. No fishing allowed from boats.
16. No dogs or guns allowed.
17. Members must use safety rigs, no fixed leads.
18. No metal tins or cans allowed on the bank
19. No fires, tents or camping on the banks.
20. Anglers are responsible for the ensuring the peg they are fishing   is free from litter.
21. No unauthorised matches allowed.
22. Anglers fishing for specimen fish eg Carp, barbel must use barbless hooks, have an unhooking mat, and landing net of    suitable size and construction.

23. No swimfeeders at Darley Dale, Matlock, Sutton Brook, Ellastone.
24. No Bait boats allowed at Barton and Walton Pool.
25. Barbless hook to be used on All lakes and pools, and the R Ecclesbourne.
26. No Fishing within 30 metres of over head power lines.