Derby Railway Angling Club

 FISHING RULES (Section 9)

Members must carry their Membership Cards and EA Rod Licence at all times when on Club fisheries

9a. Only legitimate angling in accordance with Environment Agency by-laws shall be allowed.

All fishing shall take place within the following times: Except where night fishing is allowed.

January 7.30-17.00

February 7.00-18.00

March 6.00-19.00

April 5.30-21.00

May 4.30-22.00

June 4.00-22.30

July 4.30-22.30

August 5.00-21.30

September 6.00-20.30

October 7.00-19.00

November 7.00-16.30

December 7.30-16.30

·        separate times for the Triangle Pool are displayed on at the Pool

NIGHT FISHING. All members may night fish Redhouse Lake and the Silt Pool.

 A Night Permit is required to fish the River Trent and River Dove at Scropton and Tutbury NO OTHER WATERS MAY BE NIGHT FISHED.

When night fishing the River, sessions are limited to 24hrs after which you must leave the peg. Members found night fishing without a permit, on waters where it’s not allowed or behaving in any way deemed inappropriate by the club will have their membership terminated.

9b. Members may fish with the following number of rods;

R. Dove at Ellastone, R. Derwent, R. Ecclesbourne One rod. Redhouse Lake maximum of Four rods. All other waters maximum of Two rods. Subject to the following conditions:

1. Rod butts not to be more than 6ft. (1.8m) apart.

2. The angler must be no more than 6ft. (1.8m) away from any rod in use and be able at all times to exercise immediate physical control over any rod in use. When leaving the peg, no matter for how short the time the rod and tackle must be removed from the water.

3. No more than Two rods allowed per peg. Therefore, if two anglers are fishing the same peg they may only use one rod each. (except on Redhouse Lake)..

4 Other rods and tackle may be assembled for use but not baited. No trimmers allowed.

5. If fishing with more than 2 rods you must have the correct Environment Agency rod licence.

9c. Members first in possession of a swim or hole may request other members to preserve a distance of at least fifteen yards.

9d. Spinning, either with natural or artificial bait is allowed when fishing for trout in club waters.

9e. The use of live baits is strictly forbidden.

9f. The year for angling purposes shall be:

Coarse fishing on rivers from June 16th to March 14th. No close season for coarse fish on Still waters or the Canal.

Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout from 18th March to 7th October. All dates inclusive.

9g. No Keepnets or Sacks at any time are allowed at Darley Dale, Ellastone or Sutton Brook. No carp, barbel or specimen sized fish are to be retained in keepnets or sacks, but are to be released when fully recovered. Note barbel should be held upright facing into the current while recovering. Do not throw them back as this particularly in summer will result in killing the fish. Carp should also be handled and released with care.

9h.Whilst fishing the Canal members must keep to the tow[1]path and take care not to obstruct other users.

9i. Members shall not take any fish alive or dead, all fish must be returned to the water.

9j. Fishing from boats is not permitted on club waters.

9k. No trespassing allowed and all waters to be approached via recognised access points. 9m. No dogs or guns allowed.

9l. Safety Rigs. All members particularly those fishing for specimen fish are to use safety rigs so that in the event of being broken the fish will only retain the hook and a few inch[1]es of line. Therefore, the lead and any other tackle used must be free to slide off the line and the main line should not be tied directly to the hook.

9m. No metal cans or tins eg. luncheon meat, or sweetcorn tins allowed on the clubs waters.

9n. No fires, barbeques, tents or camping between fishing sessions allowed. 9q. Anglers are responsible for the cleanliness and tidiness of the peg and bank they are fishing. All rubbish etc is to be taken away after fishing and disposed of at home.

9o. No unauthorised matches allowed.

9p. No cereal baits allowed at Darley Dale or Ellastone.

9q. Anglers fishing for specimen fish e.g. carp, pike and barbel must use Barbless hooks, unhooking mats and a landing net of suitable size and construction. Pike anglers must also carry wire cutters and long handled forceps

9r. Swimfeeders are banned on the following waters; Sutton Brook, River Derwent at Darley Dale and Matlock Bath, River Ecclesbourne and the River Dove at Ellastone.

9s. No bait boats allowed at Barton & Walton or the Triangle Pool.

 9t. No fishing allowed within 30 metres of overhead electric power lines.

9u. Barbless hooks only to be used on the River Ecclesbourne and all Stillwaters.

9v. No sea deadbaits to be used between 16th March and 1st October