Silt Pool, Sawley

The Silt Pool is a well established water (formerly part of the washery of an adjacent aggregate site) it contains large numbers of silver fish, a large head of tench and bream plus a small number of carp. Tench can be caught from the margins of most pegs and in the shallower area of the lake nearest the carpark. The carp range from around mid doubles to low 30s. The carp fishing is relatively hard due to the low numbers, so location is key. They haven’t seen a great deal of pressure, so once located can be caught relatively easily on simple rigs. A popped up hookbait will minimise attention from other species when targeting carp. Pike and perch are also present in the lake.

There is a two rod limi non this lake and night fishing is permitted.

Some areas of the lake are snaggy, so please use safe rigs and observe the rules. It would be sensible to consider using rig tubing, rather than a leader such as leadcore when carp fishing the snaggier areas of the lake to minimise the risk of a fish becoming tethered. If you do believe a fish may be tethered or in distress, please inform the club immediately.

Please note that fishing is only allowed from the South and Eastern banks.