River Trent

The Club has extensive fishing rights on the River Trent extending from Swarkestone to below Shardlow, together with two sections further upstream at Ingleby / Barrow on Trent offering over 10 miles of fishing.

On the south bank we start a few hundred yards upstream of Swarkestone Bridge and continue downstream continuously (except for a small section at the Priest House Hotel near Castle Donington) to about half a mile upstream of the Derwent confluence between Shardlow and Sawley.

On the north bank we start about 1.5 miles below Swarkestone and continue downstream continuously until about half a mile above the Derwent.

The fishing can be split into the following sections
• Ingleby John Thompson
Weston Ukraine Camp
• Lodge Farm / Kings Newton
Weston Kings Mills
Castle Donington West Meadow
Castle Donington Wash Lands / A50
Shardlow Crown Bend
Shardlow A6
Shardlow Pipe Bridge / Boathouse

Major Trent sections are listed on their own pages