Weston on Trent, Ukrainian Camp

This is the upstream limit of our fishing on the north bank, commencing one field above the old iron railway bridge, which is now used for a cycle path.
Access to this section is via the Ukraine Camp, cars can be parked in their car park at the Old Cliff Inn, from where it’s a few minutes walk to the river.

We also have the fishing on the opposite bank here, which is the Lodge Farm section access to which is via Kings Newton.

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The section has varied characteristics the top two fields have gravel runs / riffles offering both pegs suitable for float and bottom fishing and produces roach, chub, barbel and dace.

Towards the bottom of the second field opposite the Black Pool / Basin the river bends and narrows before nearly doubling in width.

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The bend opposite the Black Pool.

Below the Basin there is a wooded area which is not easily fishable, and downstream of this is Parsons Meadow.

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Parsons Meadow

Here the river is wide and slow, the first few pegs are ~ 6-8 feet deep, and then as you move down the river it shallows up to 2-3 feet, before deepening to ~6 feet before the Pylons. From here it is approximately a mile downstream to Kings Mills.