Kings Mills

Access to this section is down Kings Mills Lane at Weston on Trent, the club has recently resurfaced this and parking is on the verge at the bottom. The River is 50-60 yards away from the end of the Lane.

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Trent at the Kings Mills looking across to the Priest House.

Upstream of the Lane is the remains of Kings Mills weir the centre of which is broken.
Above the weir the river runs at the foot of a steep bank on the opposite side it is fast and shallow although there are some deeper pegs on the old weir which produce chub and barbel.
When it bends away from the bank there is a very deep slow corner (12-14feet) which produces bream, chub and pike.

Downstream of Kings Mills Lane, the river has a good variety of swims, the first field starts with a gravel riffle, it then deepens to ~ 8-10 feet by the old chain ferry, a good barbel area, below which it gradually shallows up towards the bottom of the field to ~ 4-6 feet. This is a good stick float area for roach and dace during the summer.

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Looking down the first field at Kings Mills

The second field is short, just above a couple of islands in the river this and the first 400 yards of the next field is fast with a gravel bottom a good area for barbel.

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Just above the islands

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Just below the islands

Below were the mill fleam re-enters the river widens and slows down and continues like this down to the Railway Bridge at Castle Donnington.

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Approx. half way down the third field at Kings Mills

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