Castle Donnington, West Meadow

West meadow is the area downstream of the Railway Bridge on the south (Castle Donington) side of the river.
Access is from the car park at the top of back lane near were the level crossing used to be.
From Cavendish Bridge go past the Crown Inn, under the A50, and continue for ~ half a mile to some farm buildings were the lane now links in with Willow Park Industrial estate, keep to the old lane and ahead there’s a metal gate go through this (your yale key fits) and the car park gate is 600 yards further on the right.
From the car park the river is ~ 400 yards.

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The River near the car park

This section of river tends to be fairly lightly fished due to walks involved and is mainly fished by anglers targeting chub and barbel although the areas below the railway bridge and above the islands produce bream and carp. There are also two good pike areas near the Railway Bridge.

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Towards the top end of West Meadow