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On this page we are going to provide information that hopefully is of interest and use to our junior members. It will be updated when details of upcoming events etc. become known so please keep coming back every so often to have a look.

Please also share this information with friends and other juniors who may not be DRAC members.

We all know how great fishing is but we need to spread the message!

Tight lines!
Steve Clamp


There are lots of exciting and varied places to go fishing around the Derby area – and the local angling clubs are very keen to get more young people fishing. Consequently annual permits are very cheap - some are even free! 

The Earl of Harrington Angling Club owns the fishing rights for many of the stillwaters in Derby. These include two ponds – Woodrow’s and Mill Dam that are ideal for young newcomers to angling. The club also controls the fishing on large sections of the River Derwent. Membership for under 12s is free and for 12 to 16 year olds is only £5 a year. Junior anglers must be accompanied though at all times by a responsible adult. The easiest way to get an “Earl” junior membership book is to pop into one of the local tackle shops such as Nathan’s (9 Edgware Road, Derby, DE22 4EW) , Fishermania (714 - 716 Harvey Road DE24 0EG), or Julian’s Tackle in Derby Market Hall. And if you need advice please just ask. The shop staff are always keen to help young anglers.

Pride of Derby Angling Club. For just £5 “Pride” offer an annual ticket that allows under 16s to fish large sections of the Trent and Mersey Canal (but not the sections that open out into the River Trent) - Tickets must be purchased with the permission of the parent or guardian of the young person. The tickets are available from Fishermania at 714 - 716 Harvey Road DE24 0EG.

Derby Railway Angling Club has a wide range of waters in the area. These include lakes, ponds, a long section of the Trent and Mersey Canal, and sections of both the River Dove and the River Trent. Membership is free for anyone who is under the age of 16 on the 16th of June. Junior anglers need to be accompanied by a club member on all waters except the canal. Again joining the club is easy. Just log on to the DRAC website, download the membership application form and send it with photo ID and a sae to DRAC, PO Box 115, Derby, DE1 1AF

Long Eaton Angling Federation owns the fishing rights on large sections of the Erewash Canal and also Brewery Pond at Shardlow. This latter venue in particular is very suitable for beginner anglers. Annual junior membership is from April at only £5. Contact Kevin Jessop for both information and membership. kj_lefed@hotmail.co.uk
If you are between 12 to 16 (11 and under you can just go!) you’ll need an Environment Agency annual licence as well, but these are free. Just log on to the Gov.Uk website at https://www.gov.uk/fishing-licences/buy-a-fishing-licence. Once you enter your date of birth it will show the licence as being free. It’s an easy and rapid process. 
If you are fishing an officially organised event, such as the series of junior beginner events that are being run across Derby this year, you do 
not need an Environment Agency licence.

Have fun, take great care near water, and tight lines!

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